Thursday, March 17, 2011

Stacey Poole says that he intends to stick it out in Lexington rather than go elsewhere


Anonymous said...

Like his attitude, just needs to keep developing.

Wheatgerm said...

It's not up to Stacey. It's up to coach to offer another one-year scholarship.

IF Brandon, Doron and Terrence all return next year, we won't have enough schollys to go around. Someone in addition to Polson, maybe 2 or 3 players, will have to pay tuition or transfer. And Stacey and Jon are on the bubble.

Since Cal said he wouldn't recommend any of his players enter the draft, Terrence in particular hasn't done a thing to make Cal change his mind. Nothing. I hope that means he returns.

Glenrider said...

'Drafting on Potential' would be the only reason I could see right now . . . in what we are told is one of the weakest fields to pick from in recent memory.
For what its worth, Coach did say it and I agree, 'none of these guys are NBA ready yet'.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Stacey would be allowed a walk-on spot. UK's out of state tuition isn't bad.

Anonymous said...

what effect does the possible lockout have on sat TJ or Bk?
What i mean is, lets say Terrence does go, and he gets picked up say 8th in the draft, what then does he have to look at- a strike? So he doesnt play, until maybe another year later?
Just wondering.
Just would seem to me if my assumptions are correct--they would wait out the year and improve their abilities to go higher in the draft after there sophmore year, have fun in college while the NBA hashes out their mess.