Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Calipari talked about setting up a four-guard rotation that makes rest for Tyler Ulis and UK’s other perimeter stars a matter of routine rather than a decision that can be debated


Glenrider said...

Calipari: Kentucky’s trio of star guards needs to be a quartet
by Jerry Tipton

Artie said...

Hawkins is foul prone and and doesn't appear to believe in his shot. He has missed wide open jumpers in the last two games and worries about being taken out of the game, instead of playing the game.Ditto for Lee worrying.

I would give Ulis rest by replacing him with Humphries and a ZONE or do the obvious and
play one of our best jump shooters. Someone please tell Cal that he is on the bench and
his name is Mychal Mulder.
And why hasn't Cal designed some alley oop plays for Lee
and Poythress? They can jump out of the gym.

And tell Cal to please, please, please spread the floor. He will always have the best guards on the floor and they can create their own shot. It does't make sense to play three guards and not play a spread offense.

I don't know if this group has the will to win without some coaching. But that's the
trade off. The recruits get a mediocre coach and UK pays a recruiting machine. It would be nice if he had jury duty for 8 weeks. Yep, Kenny Payne.

Remember, a mediocre coach and a bad of McDonalds will get the Nation to the elite 8, final four. And if those McDonalds come with fries (Anthony Davis)......